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Beber um litro de Dopplebock no Festival de Cerveja de Munique Strong

Publicação by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

País: Alemanha

A Experiência

Have you ever had a beer in a decorative 1-litre ceramic mug? You will during your trip to Germany for the Munich Strong Beer Festival. This local German beer festival usually begins on the third Friday after Ash Wednesday, and lasts for three weeks in March.

The Munich Strong Beer Festival, known to the locals as Starkbierfest, is a local version of the now widely popular and tourist-driven Oktoberfest. Munich is the beer capital of Germany where popular beer festivals happen almost every month. However, the Munich Strong Beer Festival is a lesser-known beer fest that is attended primarily by the locals. Local breweries and beer halls feature strong malty beers by the litre, and provide entertainment that pokes fun at politicians and local personalities. Local food and music are available to amuse visitors and locals alike.

The Munich Strong Beer Festival traces its roots back to the Catholic Paulaner monks who originally prepared strong beer to endure the Lenten fast. Although it was forbidden to eat for 40 days during those times, the monks were allowed to drink. It was for this reason that they brewed a filling drink to help them last during the Lenten season.

The strong, malty beer, classified as a dopplebock, became known as Salvator after the Paulaner monastery was converted into a brewery. The popularity of the beverage, specifically during the cold winter months, prompted other local breweries to make their own strong malty brews. Dopplebocks (a generic German term for strong brew) generally start at 7.5% alcohol, and the sweet flavour masks their strength. Be careful when you travel to Munich for the Strong Beer Festival as dopplebocks can sneak up on even the most experienced drinkers.

Although Oktoberfest is the more popular German beer festival, the best time to experience a German beer fest is during the Munich Strong Beer Festival. It's great because it doesn't take place during the peak tourism season, allowing you to encounter less tourists, find cheaper flights to Munich, have more time to enjoy local cuisine at cheaper rates, and discount Munich hotels. However, you may experience a more difficult language barrier and a colder climate, and the Munich Strong Beer festival does not feature the same extravagant amusement rides as Oktoberfest. A trip to the Munich Strong Beer Festival is sure to be a delicious addition to your travels in Germany.

Quando ir to Strong Beer Festival

The Munich Strong Beer Festival is held on the third Friday after Ash Wednesday, which typically falls on the first few weeks in March.

Many of the beer halls and breweries require reservations, especially during the weekends. Some people like the strong, sweet taste, while others do not. You can still enjoy what the festival has to offer if you are not a beer drinker as all sorts of beverages are available for purchase.

Odds n 'Termina

Locals will most likely dress in traditional drindle and lederhose costumes, so you may do the same if you don’t want to be identified as tourists. Not everybody speaks English but many of the young locals might be able to offer directions and guidance in English. Moreover, the locals are generally helpful and polite. Knowing a little German will go a long way. To be safe at the Munich Strong Beer Festival, monitor your alcohol intake and be on the watch for others who may have had too much to drink. Temperature during that time may reach 55°F –60°F outside, but it’s warmer inside beer halls, so be sure to dress appropriately.

Be ready to shell out $70–$130 a day if you want to eat in restaurants, and $50–$70 a day if street food is more your thing. There are some interesting beer halls and cellars in the Strong Beer Festival of Munich that you may visit, and most of these require early reservations and a minimal fee will be collected upon confirmation of your reservation.


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